What is TimeClock?

TimeClock is a software program designed by GrammaPro to enable management to calculate their employees' pay quickly and correctly. Management can find information about an employee's attendance with a click of a button. Also, management can easily calculate each employee's withholdings, garnishments, and benefits.

TimeClock can do the following type of pay periods:

  1. Weekly - pay period is once a week
  2. BiWeekly - pay period is once every two weeks
  3. SemiMonthly - pay period is twice a month
  4. Monthly - pay period is once a month

Special features include:

  1. Round to the quarter hour (Optional)
  2. Regular Time
  3. Regular Pay
  4. OverTime Hours
  5. OverTime Pay
  6. Withholdings
    1. Federal Tax
    2. State Tax
    3. FICA ,Social Security and Medicare
    4. Any additional tax
  7. Vacation Time
  8. Sick Time
  9. Lunch Time
  10. Accrul Vacation Time (According to your desired amount)
  11. Accrul Sick Time (According to your desired amount)
  12. Automactically updates employee's information (Example: Beginning or end of the month, or end of a pay period)
  13. Paid holidays
  14. Paid holidays work time
  15. Multiple funding establishment
  16. USDA rural development employee split pay reporting
  17. FEMA accepted reporting

Click the image below to see a demo video


Note: Taxes are calculated according to the (Circular E), Employer's Tax Guide 2013

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